Monday, 29 November 2010

The other side of KP

It is reaching a stage now where Kevin Pietersen needs all his skills to remain a first choice for England for it has been well documented that K.P. has hit a lean spot in his test career, certainly by his own high standards, and his confidence cannot be as good as it was.

Technically Pietersen has a very good action to bowl off spinners and his six foot five inches height can be a major advantage. He can spin the ball and has a very repeatable action, not surprising when he initially played first class cricket in South Africa as a spin bowler. Unfortunately Kevin does not want to bowl. He is reluctant to even bowl in the nets if he does not have too. If he were to work hard at his bowling he would give Strauss an additional choice for the bowling department and add just a bit more variety. Apart from perhaps talking a wicket or two, if he were to get through a tidy ten or fifteen overs, and do a good job for the side, it would add to his confidence, and this may have a positive knock on effect for his batting.

You cannot MAKE somebody bowl who does not want to, but, it is something of a black mark against his character when the powers that be know he could be contributing more to the team’s performance than he is currently doing. Come on Kevin…..grip it and rip it, there is a long series ahead, you know you can bowl, or could if you worked at it!!!!!

If he were able to spread his game to become a more regular bowler it would certainly help as England are trying hard to only take four specialist bowlers into each game. Adelaide has the potential of being the flattest wicked in the series so it is likely that England are going to need full power in the bowling department.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Pat Pocock launches Winter Cricket Academy

I would love to see as many young players as possible receive even just a fraction of the fun and return from cricket that I received. Although cricket involves a physical element, it is a technical game, that requires development if the greatest level of success and enjoyment is to be achieved.

The age of 11 or 12 kick-starts a young player’s opportunity to take on board information that will be beneficial for the rest of his cricket career. This period is the first opportunity that a player has to ‘groove-in’ good traits and practices so as not to get into bad cricketing habits. That’s why I have started up a Cricket Academy in Reigate, Surrey for 11 to 16 year olds. I have selected a 10 weeks period, starting after Christmas for a winter course, where I, personally will be doing all the coaching in very small groups.

Having experience as a coach is vital. With experience should come knowledge, but, just as important is ‘knowing what to leave alone.’ Inexperienced coaches tend to go by the text books (which is all they have to fall back on) and this is very often not what the youngster needs.

Anybody who would like more information please look at

First Ashes test getting nearer

If cricket were a game of chess, don’t expect England or Australia to lead out with their Queens’ in Brisbane in two weeks time. No side wants to give away a huge advantage by losing the first encounter – the good side of an honourable draw would suffice for both Strauss and Ponting.

From an English point of view it’s good that Australia have so many talking points and the outcome of the first test will decide whether the Australian‘s are going to get behind their team or not. Over the years, Bill Lawry has stated publicly that, if Australia had performed as poorly as the England Team, the support for the home team would have diminished hugely! We shall see!! If Ponting loses this coming series he will have lost 3 Ashes series – a legacy he will surely not want!!