Friday, 12 November 2010

Pat Pocock launches Winter Cricket Academy

I would love to see as many young players as possible receive even just a fraction of the fun and return from cricket that I received. Although cricket involves a physical element, it is a technical game, that requires development if the greatest level of success and enjoyment is to be achieved.

The age of 11 or 12 kick-starts a young player’s opportunity to take on board information that will be beneficial for the rest of his cricket career. This period is the first opportunity that a player has to ‘groove-in’ good traits and practices so as not to get into bad cricketing habits. That’s why I have started up a Cricket Academy in Reigate, Surrey for 11 to 16 year olds. I have selected a 10 weeks period, starting after Christmas for a winter course, where I, personally will be doing all the coaching in very small groups.

Having experience as a coach is vital. With experience should come knowledge, but, just as important is ‘knowing what to leave alone.’ Inexperienced coaches tend to go by the text books (which is all they have to fall back on) and this is very often not what the youngster needs.

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