Friday, 7 January 2011

Let the champers flow

The amount of celebrating that the England Team will do after their win in Sydney will be nothing compared to the Barmy Army’s. Come on now, let’s face it, getting away from the UK at this time of the year and watching the guys make a fantastic win, is not a bad way to spend a few weeks!!!

It is the English mentality to play down the opposition when England crush the opposing team so convincingly, but, to win three tests by more than an innings is unique. In the middle of their historic wins Australia beat England very convincingly at Perth. To come back from a defeat so well, and put the train immediately back on the rails, shows great character by the players and leadership from the Management. The selection, not only of the Tour Party, but also in the picking each team, also needs congratulating. We all know that Australia have lost a few players, but they don’t become a bad team over night. Although they will admit they did not play well, I think it is more of a case that England’s performances rose to a new high.

Just to rub the Aussies noses into it a little more, England now need to perform well and comprehensively beat them in the seven match, one day series too. I have said in previous missives, the cricket world will now be looking at the character of Australia to see how they react to such a huge defeat on their home soil. I fear the players will react much better than the Aussie public! Let’s watch shall we!!!

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