Tuesday, 18 May 2010

World Cup win – well done, but better things shone through.

England are so pleased to have got the one day failure monkey off their backs.  What many people do not realise is that the shortest form of cricket can be the biggest lottery of all.  All top snooker players want their Championships to be as many frames as they can possibly make it, as, the longer the games go on, the best player will shine through.  The same analogy applies to cricket.  The most satisfying thing about England’s win is the all-round performance of all the departments of the game.  The Australians, Pakistan, South Africa and (the outsiders for the Tournament) Sri Lanka take some beating.  Yet England were head and shoulders the most professional unit in the Caribbean and the results reflected their collective achievements.  Much credit must go to, of course the players, but also the playing Management and the gelling of Collingwood and Flower.

England are going to be on a high when they start again, but, next time it’s the real thing. I am sure that anything short of a convincing win against Bangladesh will not be acceptable to the players and Management.  Then the big test.  Pakistan will try desperately to hang on to some form of supremacy as a test nation.  It bothers me like mad to think that they may not play another test match, on their home soil, in my lifetime, and, only staying in the top bracket will the game hold its own in Pakistan and produce the players needed for the next decade.

Watch this space..!

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  1. Judging by the performance of Bangladesh against the Lions today a comprehensive win should be a formality. *should* be! The situation with Pakistan is terribly sad, I hope they can get back on home soil quickly, a country that loves cricket that much shouldn't continue to be denied tests, and cricket can ill afford to lose another member of its elite.