Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Beef's in a stew!

England’s super win in the Second Test can create mixed reactions. English supporters may want to crow, whereas Aussie supporters bristle with annoyance, disappointment and retaliation.

These feeling are not restricted to the public! Rumour has it that Ian Botham and Ian Chappell had to be separated in the car park in Adelaide last Monday after the test, where they carried on a 30-year gripe. I have played with and against both and, anybody who chooses to mix it with Beefy, must be fairly desperate in their attitude.

Both are good guys and not only fathers but GRANDFATHERS. Both were really super players who did a fantastic service to their country, and, during their playing days and after, made derogatory comments about each other. When they played they took competitiveness to the end degree, but, I think it is rather sad (for both of them) that they cannot accept that time has moved on. The game is richer for their contributions and accept they both championed their countries and confrontations will always arise.

In cricket, as other sports, most successful sportsmen write biographies and, if their book is not to appear bland, comments are often made which are unpopular with other players and officials. This, for me, is all part of the overall profession and life is too short for the grudge to borne for an extended period. Time passes for me too and I have seen wonderful liaisons and friendships from arch enemies that has warmed those around them who knew them when times were different. One can only hope!!

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