Thursday, 9 December 2010

Panic – It’s all new to the Aussies. Can Warne be tempted?

In this Country, and in the England cricket camp, we have been used to quite a few poor cricketing performances, but this is not the case in Australia where they have been top dogs for well over a decade. They have had a poor six months and the dismal performances in the last two tests against England has caused panic as this is NOT something with which they are not familiar. One or two more similar performances by their team and they are at risk of ‘imploding.’

Today we read that a group of businessmen are endeavouring to entice Shane Warne out of retirement by offering him $1M. If that is so, and the selectors were in agreement, how can we NOT reach the conclusion that it is sheer panic!! To revert to a retired 41 year old, whom the selectors have not seen fit to give the captaincy to in the past, gives no other signal than ‘panic.’ Australia is going through a period of rebuilding and I think for them to even consider the word ‘rebuilding’ is a bitter pill to take. Of course, with a cynical eye on the situation, Warne may never have had any thoughts at all of returning to the fray, if so, turning down a million dollars, could be a clever marketing ploy to lift the value of his other commercial endorsements!!!

In the England camp, I am absolutely sure that under the guidance of Strauss and Flower, England will maintain exactly the right approach at Perth, the next test venue. Australia is on the slide and England will be concentrating on keeping this path going in the same direction.

Perth should be great viewing!!

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